Gardens on Fire

An awesome portrait shoot at the Auckland Botanical Gardens during golden hour with a redhead.

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Gardens on Fire - Portrait shoot at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.

Gardens on Fire

Weapon of Choice: DSLR - Photo by Tom Pumford

Weapon of Choice: DSLR


The Rare Gem of Focus - Photo by Stefan Cosma

The Rare Gem of Focus

It's easy to lose focus. The world feels like it was damn near designed to pull your focus every chance it gets. But that is because the world is trying to teach you something...
Your True Self - Photo by Randy Jacob

Your True Self

Being authentic is hard in today's day and age. In a world dictated by mass public ridicule (including the part where you...
In the Distance - Photo by Chris Lawton

In the Distance

The future glimmers in the distance. We can see it pulsing with light and warm energy twirling amongst all the events humanity...
Wave Rider - Photo by Tim Marshall

Wave Rider

Klaxon Call - Photo by Jeremy Yap

Klaxon Call

Taking the Desert