The Rank of Commander

The CMDR Shane handle was born out of a situation. You see, if you’ve read my origin story of how and why I’ve started this, you’ll notice that up until that point, life was commanding me, forcing me to do things under the guise of practicality and realism. It wasn’t until I was shown that I most definitely do have a choice, that I took back control and assumed command of my life. As if coming to that realisation, who or whatever that was in command, had suddenly stepped down or vanished.

And there it was, the vessel that was me. In need of a commander to take the reigns and do with it what I wanted. What I needed. Fully stocked with a functioning brain and the will to act. I just needed a direction. A brand new identity from the one I thought I had. I needed a symbol, not just one of existence, but one as a reminder of how and why I had reached this point.

Enter Commander Shane.

I have always had an appreciation for battle commanders. The amount of information they must soak in at any given moment to control an entire field of moving parts. All in the name of executing multiple tasks to reach the objective. Taking into account personnel, assets and of course future consequences of whatever actions they might take. The military chain of command is something I’m fond of. Report to your superior if something goes wrong, all the while following your own orders. It is a trickle down effect of productivity and efficiency. Everything has its place. Let’s just move past the human element involved in all that, that can screw it up spectacularly. It is the concept alone that I’m speaking of.

I am not military. Nor have I ever been. I don’t take this name lightly in the fact that I believe I am even close to being as mindful as an actual Commander might be. I am merely dressing for the job I want. Taking a rank and name in order to become a better version of myself. Someone more mindful and able to execute the tasks I set out for myself. Not to mention the fact that I am a gaming and science fiction nerd.

The rank and title exists to remind me that I am in control. That I have set out to become more like the thing I appreciate the most. Plus, who wouldn’t want an epic handle?

CMDR Shane, reporting for duty.