2018 - Photo by NordWood Themes
Photo by NordWood Themes

A new revolution begins as we move forward in time, during a time when we all seem to be looking back at all that has come to pass in 2017. But don’t forget to look to the future and all that has the potential to be. The past contains lessons. The future contains hope. A hope of a life fully lived.

And when you realise your lifetime relative to the existence of time itself and how much it represents barely the beginning of the blink of an eye, you will also realise that a life fully lived is the only thing worth pursuing.

Look to the past and find those lessons. Learn them. Engrain them within yourselves and then forget the past. It serves no other purpose any longer. Instead, seek the next step. Seek the way forward. Seek togetherness in a world divided. Seek meaning and purpose.

It is amusing to think that most people wait to be given purpose before doing anything with their life. What they fail to understand is that you can’t be given it. You have to take it. It is yours. Discover what it is that means the world to you and give it everything you’ve got.

Mapping your personal achievements and time spent is a good way to study where you have been and where you are going. It is the best way to serve your purpose and ensure your goals. And if you haven’t begun to do that ever, the new revolution around the sun is the perfect time.

Now is the time that is representative of a new beginning. Whatever you think and feel about yourself doesn’t have to be. No, you can be whatever it is you feel. And it is never too late to begin.

For the only time you fail, is when you have given up.

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