Between Us and Them

Cassette - Photo by Namroud Gorguis
Photo by Namroud Gorguis

Imagine your mind wandering through night time. The stars are amazingly bright and twinkling away speaking to the universe in their own version of morse code. The midnight air is completely still, yet so cold to breathe in it burns as a reminder that you are experiencing something most won’t get to.

Being completely at peace, you let the lights slowly pass you by creating streaks of ambience that just never get old. Time doesn’t exist. Only the colours of the night. When you look up you don’t only see those burning dots, you see galaxies, you see a vastness of the universe like never before yearning to be explored.

The light is changing and you begin to witness something that you knew existed, but had never gotten to see in this light, the light of lucidity, the light of music. The stars and galaxies you saw both with your eyes and mind begin to fade away, yet it doesn’t get dark, for the sun is rising. The piercing orange and yellow of a new day hits your face and you are reminded of the fragility and resilience of life.

The night has passed, and then sun is getting higher. You suddenly realise that you’re home and your feeling of complete peace has not been disturbed. Tonight, the galaxies and stars will return and you get to explore the universe again. You get to witness the rebirth of the day again.

This was my experience when I lived in Gresham, Oregon. I worked night shifts and a work colleague had introduced me to the musician Ulrich Schnauss. I found this song and it took me away to places I had never been before. This is a song I can play on repeat and it’ll never get old for I will always visit a place somewhere new in the journey of my mind.

This tune got me through some difficult times, by reminding me that if we believe we are stuck somewhere, there is something we possess that can take us anywhere we want to go, and that was imagination. And during the not so difficult times? It helped me appreciate life and to understand that everything was beautiful in its own way. And nothing would take that away.

The darkness of the night and the stars I saw was the beginning. The sunrise was the end of my day due to the nightshift work. This song perfectly soundtracked these daily events for me during my time in Oregon as the ambience, the beat and lyric-less nature of the song was perfectly suited for a strong but wondrous ending. Wondering where my mind would take me through the universe, what lenses will it pull over my eyes and allow me to see.

Between Us And Them – Ulrich Schnauss

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