Music Of Colours

Neon Music Wall - Music of Colours
Photo by Spencer Imbrock

The bass based intro begins. The baseline vibrates into your very core on the first note. The tune is so damn catchy that you freeze just to focus all attention to it so as to enjoy it as much as you possibly can.

Whatever you were doing, you are no longer. Were you walking? Nope, you are now dancing. Where you sitting down somewhere? Nope, you are now rocking back and forth to the melodic frequencies that has now gripped you.

In all things you do now, there is a spring in your step. And there is nothing that is going to happen today that you won’t be able to face with a smile on your face, for you are invincible with a shield of music around your heart.

I highly recommend listening to this song first thing in the morning, and only once. This song as the potential to become extremely repetitive. So do yourself a favour. Listen once, and gain all the power you possibly can from it. You will not regret it.

You may now incapacitate yourself with laughter due to the song name.

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