The Name of the Game

More Music - Photo by Malte Wingen
Photo by Malte Wingen

Imagine the flurry of emotion and what ifs invade your mind before something important and or epic is about to happen. The way you would pace in and out of the same room, or become locked into a seated position, unable to do anything other then think. You could be nervous. You could be panicking. You could just be a scary calm on the outside, but an insane opposite of calm on the inside.

Now imagine your personal soundtrack coming to save the day. A collection of noise come together to form your epic intro into whatever you are about to attempt. You can’t help but feel that you are draining energy from the sound you are hearing and absorbing it right into your own soul. You are gaining power as you listen more and more, akin to the vita rays Captain America received after being injected with the blue super soldier solution.

The world seems calm in the chaos your mind creates. You see the clear path. You allow ego to set in disguised as confidence just for a short while in order to achieve whatever it is you thought you couldn’t only moments before. Lights, camera, action.

It’s go time.

The first time I heard this song from a video game known as Splinter Cell as its introduction. It was one of the best put together videos I had seen at the time and the song did nothing but amp you up to begin saving the world.

I have to share it, because I use this song for this purpose every chance I get.

Try it and let me know how it goes. The song is called Name of the Game by The Crystal Method.

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