Emotion as a Premium Grade Fuel

This post is exciting for me, because during my research I’ve come across something that I now get to share with you. It may apply, or you might disagree, and either is all good with me. Even if it wasn’t all good with me, it’s all good. You catch ma’ drift?

During my search of why someone like myself started roughly 40 projects as a developer, 15-20 projects as a photoshop creative, and 3 major (so far) writing projects and never finished any of them, was because the limitless ideas is our brain’s way of distracting us. Which is almost awesome in itself for having that many ideas, until we find out why it’s bad.

It (our brain) keeps us distracted by sending us 1001 ideas DURING the time we’re most creative to keep us from concentrating on one thing. And when the creative flow has stopped, it’s during then that editing our work, or even taking a break is perfectly an awesome thing to do. If anything it is recommended.

There is a potential that we all might see this the other way around, that when our ideas have stopped we’ve run out of juice, when there is plenty of it there ready to be used in a different way. The 1001 ideas is actually our brain keeping us from the commitment of finishing one thing, either due to anxiety and fear of the criticism of our work, almost as an outlet but mostly an excuse not to finish and thus, publish our work.

Fear is a powerful emotion and therefore the anxiety that comes with it has the power to stop us in place before we ever get started. But if one emotion is that powerful, aren’t there others to counter act that with the same, if not more power? Should be not be able to control and or channel any strong emotion we feel into the things we do?

Any kind of strong emotion gives people the ability to not only express, but to express well.

Some of us tend to feel trapped in a certain emotional state in terms of our creativity causing us to believe that we are only creative when we are feeling a certain type of emotion. That could be true. But emotions are complex, and so is life in general. Could there be something else that is happening while we’re in a specific emotional state that causes us to be more creative? And thusly keep us in a certain genre of creativity that we may or may not enjoy, or even want to break out of?

What if it isn’t the emotion but the strength of an emotion that makes you more creative? What if you believed that you only could create when you were sad, and it gave all your work a dark overtone, but it wasn’t the sadness, it was how powerfully you were able to feel it? And so from that, you can possibly imagine that feeling just as excited or passionate right to the core about something would give you the same ability?

There are no limits because there are always different ways to achieve the same results in terms of creativity. Some people have a happy place, and some need an outlet for their more negative emotions. And those two kinds of people can switch at any moment they realise they are not limited by a singular thing they feel simply due to the fact that feeling strongly for any of them will ignite a fire that no one can put out.

You just have to spark the premium grade fuel in the right emotional chamber at the right moment only to stand back and let it burn baby burn.

This post is dedicated to Sara and a post she wrote called Sadly Creative. I proceeded to write a reply but within minutes had so many words I realised this needed to be a blog post in itself, so as to share with everyone my findings. It was the perfect opportunity to show how a powerful emotion properly channelled gave me the ability write more then I expected to.

I felt excited about the fact that I would get the chance to share my experiences and knowledge gained for someone else to be able to use and remove limits from themselves if they felt they were there. It excited me so much because I remembered being stuck, only able to be creative in certain environments and or situations, which only ended up being once every couple of weeks. Everything written above are items I’ve learned to use in order to tap into my creative side at any moment, based on a self check of how I’m feeling, or how badly I want to share this with the world.

But the most important thing I could have learned was to write for myself, capture moments for myself and create art in photoshop for myself, because that was what I loved doing. And if you love what you do, you do it well. Your passion will bring out the details in what you do and people will see and enjoy that too.




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