Too Late

Late - Photo by Andy Beales
Photo by Andy Beales

What was the first thing you thought of reading the title? Where they ideas or memories? Worried you would miss the bus? Or did you not make it to work on time?

Did you let that opportunity for a dream job pass you by? Or were you not able to say the things you truly meant to a person before they were gone?

How is it that one small phrase consisting of two words has the ability to spawn so many thoughts and emotions, and along with that, fears? You’re probably only here because you were curious as to what it was too late for, and how bad the situation currently is.

“How bad is it?”, you ask. Well, I’m three point something decades of useless and have only just discovered the power of the choice to act.

The only thing timeless in this existence is knowledge. For everything else, it could very well be too late.

During my time in being a web developer I learned about something known as “The Time to First Byte“. It is the time in which the web browser receives a response from a server for the client (browser) to begin processing data. An example of this is when you type in and hit ‘enter’ and it begins dancing before your eyes while the loading bar erects itself from left to right.

Then there is the concept of “First Meaningful Paint” which is the measure of how long it takes to show something on the screen that is meaningful for a user.

Ya’ll see where I’m rollin’ with this right?

In life, there is such a thing as “The Time to First Execution”. The time it takes for a person to enact on a task, directive or objective or perhaps build on an idea they’ve had that they feel passionate about. The longer it takes to execute any action, the harder execution will become. Excuses fly off handles disguised as logical prioritisation of fear, unbeknown to the thinker. The idea will eventually feel like a distant dream that just doesn’t feel like it ever was, even though the thinker felt the uttermost passion, excitement and energy when the idea invaded their everything.

Then there is the “First Meaningful Celebration”. If you do not celebrate what you are truly passionate about, why the fuck are you doing it?

Celebrate every win, every bit of progress and every moment of enlightenment from the experience. Doing is winning. Failing is learning to go back to the doing.

It is possible to execute and then celebrate everything in life. And you should do only the things you will be willing to celebrate. Woke up? Celebrate. Miss someone and a random thought of not seeing them again entered your mind? (Could just be me) Execute first action to get in touch and say what you want to say. Celebrate the win. I don’t care how. Cupcakes, a smile or maybe indulge yourself in the company of a friend over dinner.

It is never too late if you begin executing now. Keep in mind that plans can always change after embarking on a quest of any kind. This does not constitute as failure, but rather discovering something that would otherwise have remained hidden, if it were not for you being so awesome as to begin.

It could always be too late when you’ve thought, “I’ll do it later”. You can thank Murphy for that one.


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