Understanding Understanding

Understanding begets acceptance. With acceptance, the will to act. Let me explain.

Take the saddest, most frustrating, most anger inducing moments you’ve ever felt in your life and try to remember how long it took before it subsided. How intense those emotions were and how much stress they might have caused you during that time. How your entire upper body felt like it had just been through an intense weight lifting session because you tensed every muscle in your upper body in order¬†not to physical release the Kraken.

The soreness begins to set in just at the base of the skull from the shear rage. Perhaps it feels as though there is a hand on your throat squeezing the life out of you from the sadness filled lump in your throat.

Perhaps you’ve given up entirely because it seems to you that with all the bad feelings you’ve faced, there is no point in being. As if there is no point in even attempting to react.

A micron of wisdom enters your mind and you ask the most important question “Why” but not only that, you begin to move to find it. You begin to search for it. You begin to break down all pieces of raw data in a recursive fashion scouring every bit of fact, opinion or otherwise to turn it into information. A timeline begins to form as does the understanding.

The cascading moments building up momentum until it hits the wall of your current reality. Instead of a crashing splash from the collision it is instead an explosion of energy in the form of clarity.

And in that moment, the sadness is gone. The anger never was. You’ve just come to understand what caused the moment to fill you with such uncontrollable emotion, and how if you just would have begun asking the right questions before the emotion struck perhaps your emotions would have never taken control of you.

And if you can do this with the most elevated levels of stressful situations, how much easier smaller and more annoying events could just be cast aside. You begin to realise that with practice, you never have to react emotionally again. Not unless it is your choice to do so. The tenseness of your body just lets go. You feel as though you’ve woken up from the best sleep in a while, colours brighter, details sharper from the eyes that just before was potentially leaking uncontrollably.

This is the sheer power of understanding.

Ironically (dear god I hope I’m using that word correctly) this doesn’t just come to a person because they understand, but because they have to want to understand. They have to decide for themselves that they no longer want to feel the negative effects of a sour situation, but chose to understand instead in order to solve a problem or just learn the lesson with minimal pain in order to get back to positive as soon as humanly possible.

I’m not saying its easy. I’m not saying it’ll happen fast. I’m saying it is entirely worth it. If someone like me, the laziest, most unmotivated and most emotionally reactive person on the planet (as far as I feel) is capable of taking back some control? Then you are surely capable of it as well. It’s taken me almost a year, and I’m getting pretty decent at moving to the important question of “Why” as fast as possible. Sometimes my sarcastic coping mechanism beats me to it. I am after all only human. *begin The Matrix: Reloaded fight sequence here*

Understanding how understanding works and how it can save you, rebuild you and mould you can help you become the better version of yourself that you want to see.

Some people are in pain. Some of them just want to watch the world burn. And some people just want to replicate the best moments of their life every chance they get. Understanding can help each of those mentioned achieve just about anything.

I will leave you with this one thought.

Everything evolves. From technology to biology to fashion to video games. From written form to recorded and edited video. From a simple act of asking someone out on a date, to the collection of ballot entries to chose the countries next leader. From how meetings at the United Nations might be run, to how a group of friends get together to poison themselves with what they claim is a good time despite having no memory of it.

You might have evolved even in the most fractional of ways (I hope) or otherwise just by reading this blog post.

Why not then, your understanding of the world around you?

Evolve. Our stepping into the future requires it.



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