The passion for photography was always within me, whether I knew it or not. It had to be discovered over time. I owned a DSLR for years thinking I had a passion for it, and yet barely did anything with it. The reason for not being serious with photography was the same old song that most people have, believing photography to not be a realistic way to earn enough money to make a living. Or that the world was saturated with photographers, especially with technology evolving so much.

But every perspective is unique. We are knowledge gathered and filtered by the experiences we have been through. And none of those filters are the same for anyone, regardless of similarities. Therefore we are all capable of seeing something new, even if thousands of people have seen it before.

New people enter the world, new products are created, and new locations are being discovered not to mention current locations are being changed. There will always be something to photograph. 

There will always be a story to tell.