Weapon of Choice: DSLR

Weapon of Choice: DSLR - Photo by Tom Pumford
Photo by Tom Pumford

I’ve been shooting a lot lately. I’m loving it. What brought my out of shooting, I haven’t a clue. Could have been laziness, could have been feeling inadequate. Whatever the reason, I’m glad I’ve left it behind.

There is something about capturing moments. I’ve talked previously on time being linear and how we can’t move backwards, and capturing moments that would otherwise be lost or forgotten is something amazing. Surely, humanity has taken that for granted considering how many photos there are in total, in the world.

After deciding to get back into photography, a friend from work was into the idea of doing a just-for-fun photoshoot down at the Auckland Botanical Gardens. That turned out to be awesome and somehow way too much fun. We laughed way too hard at the faces she would end up making.

The shoot was small, totalling 427 shots. Some were hilarious, and others just turned out amazing and with the colour and lighting corrections from Lightroom, I’ve uploaded them to Flickr so you guys can check it out.

I’ve shot more since then, including another small shoot for a band called Bad Hombre. Currently I am still editing those shots, but will be uploading them slowly over time, and probably in chunks.

One thing that is currently slowing down my writing and my photography is finding a decent workflow for all of it and how I can make them fit into my day. The other portion of the workflow, for the photography portion at least, is finding a way to save all the images I’ve captured. Previously, before deleting my old life, I had a total of 8-9000 shots from different places all over. Storing them was one thing, but organising and naming them accordingly was definitely another huge thing.

I’ve recently read about Adobe’s Sensei AI, and how it tags images based on the objects it sees in the shots and organises them accordingly, and if you’ve uploaded and saved those shots there, they become super searchable, so as to create a library for yourself to use. Kind of like your own personal stock image library. I find this idea amazing and I’m going to be exploring it much more.

Do you capture moments in life? Mobile phones, or point and shoot cameras? Did you get yourself a DSLR such as myself without knowing a damn thing about them? I encourage you to create a Flickr account, or SmugMug even and upload them. The photography plan from Adobe is also extremely affordable for having Photoshop and Lightroom available. Do you like shooting with just your phone? Create an Instagram and see what you can capture!

Once you’ve got into it for a while, I’ll pretty much guarantee that you will become creative with your shots, because it won’t be about just making a shot look good and or just capturing for fun simply because you have a camera. That is all exciting at first, but then you’ll notice yourself begin to look at light, colours, scene composition, how many things you want happening in a scene, and you’ll also become creative with the tools you use as well, making things surreal, or just plain out of this world.

The weapon of choice for creative captures is entirely up to you: phone, point-and-shoot, mirrorless or DSLR. What you shoot, will be entirely up to when you get out and begin.

So begin now.

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