Almost, Almost Human

Imagine a window into the future. You get to see the daily lives of everyday people. You get to witness the technological advances. You get to see how good some things are, and how bad other things get. The ability to create and do anything. The ability to destroy everything. Except this window is your TV/computer screen. Because I’m speaking of a TV series called Almost Human.

It felt real, almost tangible to the sense that we were living in a time that was the very beginning of all that transpired in order for the universe within the show to have gotten to that point. Dr Bruce Lipton once commented on the movie The Matrix being a documentary and not at all a movie when speaking of the Biology of Belief. Another post for another time.

That is how I felt about the TV series Almost Human. It was a brief 13 episode glimpse into our potential future. This is the direction I honestly believe we are headed in. It is a both exciting and trembling thought to be in a future that can save as much as it can destroy but in much larger magnitudes. Today as a race we’re probably better at destroying, for the time being. I’m attempting to help work on that.

About The Show

The show starts of with a detective who has been through hell. He also has authority problems and a problem with the android they are assigned to work with due to them being lifeless machines and of course their potential to spot his “grey-area” behaviour with the law. Upon dropping off his android on the freeway whilst moving and next to a truck so cause the android to get completely obliterated, he is assigned a new android that is of the previous model, but was installed with a project known as “Synthetic Soul” so as to give these androids a human personality. As you might expect, comedy ensued.

As you can imagine the early cancellation of the show destroyed a tiny portion of my soul. Anything that allows a portal into a almost future regardless of how real, is something that inspires me. And then they took it away. I didn’t even bother looking up the reason as to why because my anger had taken over by that point and I without research or a single fact, concluded that it was because it probably wasn’t making enough money via not having enough viewers.

Where We Are Now

Almost Human Scene
Almost Human Scene

Much like the show, I think an explosive rise in technology to the point of it unable to be controlled is imminent. Most people are afraid that due to all the research into Artificial Intelligence and more powerful computing, that all we have to fear at the moment is Skynet. But I have a feeling that is further down the line. I think with the help of artificial intelligence, we will have more life like androids and bullets that can find its targets from any angle. Small bubble shields to reduce blast radius for safely detonating explosives. Holograms instead of screens. Nanotechnology based face lifts and bitcoin as the primary currency.

We are almost, Almost Human.


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