In the Distance

In the Distance - Photo by Chris Lawton
Photo by Chris Lawton

The future glimmers in the distance. We can see it pulsing with light and warm energy twirling amongst all the events humanity has yet to experience. No matter how much time passes that glimmer doesn’t appear to be getting closer, only brighter. As if the more humanity fails to reach said future, it’s potential for that future seems brighter somehow, but only the potential.

We can only reach that future once we truly act and feel as one. The light source for the glimmer of the future seems to be the potential of the present. What we are capable of now sets up our future, and we should be acting accordingly, but we don’t seem to be. We think about tomorrow, but only for ourselves, not our collective selves.

While it is true there are plenty of those that are thinking about tomorrow as a collective, it isn’t enough, for it will take humanity as a whole. You would think something that affects humanity as a whole would allow humanity to begin acting accordingly to save themselves. Space, resources, food and overpopulation? But humanity is a child, not concerned with anything that they cannot see that affects the now.

No, only when what humanity loves is threatened, much like a child, will it then want to do something about it. Whether it is survival due to food shortage or advanced species looking to either control us or wipe us out. Every alien story resulted in humanity banding together to fight under a common cause. (Because we finally found something else to fight, instead of each other.)

And even with humanity this far broken from what the future requires, there is still hope. For humanity’s value lies not in what they can offer now, but the potential they have for becoming so much better then we could ever imagine. And until humanity learns this as a whole, that glimmering future will never belong to us.

Humanity will have to face the fact that some of them will never be able to see a future they worked so hard to build. But should continue working as though they will, for who knows when that future could arrive. It could be sooner then anyone thinks.

Believing in the future is no different to believing in a God. Something intangible we look to but brings us hope, with one exception. We control the future with our intentions and actions today.

How much brighter does that future glimmer now, knowing that it is in our power to reach it?

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