10 Minute Ramble: Engaged

Clock - Photo by insung yoon
Photo by insung yoon



It is nearly midnight. The rain is banging against the window and we are supposed to be in summer. The music is lightly playing in the background, a remix of Thunder by Imagine Dragons. This is one of the nights I’ve chosen not to go to sleep, simply because I have so much that I have to do. This post was one of them since it has been nearly a month since I’ve written anything. And so begins the ramble.

This post is a bit interesting, as I’m supposed to write about anything and everything that comes to mind in 10 minutes. So be prepared for a lot of topical changes. Because my mind is basically insane.

As soon as I said the word insane the first thing that came to mind was a star going super nova. I wonder what life will be like by the time that has to happen. I mean clearly there have been 5-6 extinction level events so far where a tonne of different civilisations could have lived for such a long time and then died out that it’s impossible to know that people are going to be around at the time our sun is ready to go super nova, or if they will be people as we know them at all.

I mean clearly that is what happened with the pyramids, right? An advanced civilisation that knew how to cut rocks with such precision and then vanished. But we attempt to try and use tools that we believe them to have used to do these things, and we aren’t even remotely close to replicating all the amazing structures that are still standing today. The structures were built to stand time. But apparently that civilisation was not, for whatever reason.

It just makes you think about how many different kinds of species and races and people have lived on this planet since the begin of its time and how much there is that we don’t know, and yet all we get is greed based control via re-writing history. I love it (sarcasm). It means we aren’t going to be the civilisation that survives our extinction level event and we will never be the species that reaches a Type 1 civilisation.

I mean here we are, barely able to control the energy of our own countries, but to expected us to be able to get to a point where we can harness all the energy we might ever need from our host star?

That will take future thinking. And I mean the kind of future thinking where people have to think of tomorrow so far into the future where they might not even be around to see the fruits of their labour. That is the kind of selfless thinking that will allow us to get to that future. If we think about tomorrow just for the sake of what we might be able to gain out of it? There is no tomorrow for anyone.

I seem to talk about the future a lot. I always have it in the back of mind. I don’t know how or why I managed to teach myself to think that way. But it is something that has held me back from pursuing a lot of things simply due to the fact that I would end up asking myself, “How is what I’m about to do going to help humanity even in the slightest?”.

I guess it could be said that I guilt tripped my self out of all the things I’ve ever wanted to do. It wasn’t until recently I began to realise that I should have done all of those things in order to gain experience, because what we learn is what we can give back to the future of humanity.


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