A Particular Kind Of Particular

Water Particle - A Particular Kind of Particular
Photo by Vincent Botta

We are all different in particular ways. Sure, we are all homo sapiens, we all breath air, and we all bleed red. And yet in every one of us, there are particulars that seperate us all. No single one of us are the same, including identical twins.

Voices are so different that digitally they are used to identify people as a fingerprint of sorts. Retinas are used for the same purposes. Did you know that it’s possible to collect enough information about how a person walks in such a particular way that a computer can tell you who they are based on how they walk, by measuring gait?

These are the things I love about life. Nothing is ever the same. There are plenty of things that are similar, but if I take a step back and just observe these smaller particulars, there is so much to be seen and enjoyed. How an artist might paint differently to another, a musician make use of a violin compared to another and how each of us might even speak to the other, potentially asking for the same things but in different mannerisms.

I remember reading somewhere, and I apologise that one I can’t give them credit and two I won’t be able to share the direct source, about how you can have 50 people write the same story, and yet each of them will always be different due to their own experiences, how they see the world and the choices each of them would make and how they would then execute those choices.

This concept saved me from doing what I would have regretted, which was not going after doing something in life that I thoroughly enjoy, which is telling stories and crafting small enjoyable bits of information and experiences learned. I was under the impression that it has been done so much, what could I possible bring to the table? Oh, thats right, the way I see the world and imagine it to be otherwise. Everyone of us that longs to write has the ability to bring that to the table.

Everyones particular is a particular kind of particular. And I look forward to everyone I meet just to see what their particulars are.

What kind of particulars have you observed and enjoyed?

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