Achieving all the Things

Balance Rock Feature - Photo by Sean Stratton
Photo by Sean Stratton

A life well lived should give you everything you need without taking more from you then you are okay with giving. And in the turn around of that, you should not require more then you need for it will take more from you more then you wish to give.

Awareness is a gift. And we are a species that has been gifted with an abundance of it. We are aware of the fact that we exist which is something no other species has to the extent that we have it, and this gives us the ability to reach for the stars.

Passion is something that is unique to humans as well. No other mammal on this planet is capable of passion (that I know of so far), as they only do 2 things; find food and breed. They have no other objectives. Humans are the only people who will do something that they thoroughly enjoy even though it gives back nothing. Often it ends up consuming more then a person might have, and they will continue to do it and then go back to work so they can do that thing again.

Humans were also gifted (or cursed) with desire. We want. Sitting still and being happy to just be is something we will never be allowed to have simply because we have the ability to want. And oh the things we are willing to give up to sometimes get the thing we want most.

Awareness. Passion. Desire.

Do you know what each of these have in common in order to have a life fully lived?


If you have too much awareness you never execute. Because at some point you pay too much attention to all things and your brain capacity won’t allow you to be able to act on them due to our limitations and therefore we end up being overloaded.

Too much passion and you begin to hate the thing you love. Your passion has to be strong in this life but too much of it can cause problems in other areas of your life. If you only enjoy one thing and that becomes your passion, other areas of your life may begin to suffer and at that point everything could fall apart and the thing you are most passionate about begins to exist out of reach, because you failed to account for all other aspects of your life. There is more to life then what makes you passionate that accounts for daily living, unfortunately.

This last one is probably the worst out of them all but also ends up having the same problem as passion, where if you want something bad enough, you will neglect other things in life, such as rules as to why you haven’t had it yet, or perhaps the willingness to cross lines you might have never considered before?

While I am heading towards the worse case scenarios in regards to the balance of these things, if we can maintain a balanced life where we have a decent amount of awareness to the point of being able to execute tasks towards what we desire most with a passion?

That to me, will be a life well lived. A life worthy of telling stories about some day, not only because of what you achieved, but the experience of achieving it and what it took to get there.

There is no one stop shop to gaining success. There are just repeated moments of gaining just enough to be happy and maintaining that balance until death do we depart.

Too much of anything, and it has to begin taking from somewhere else, no matter what it is. The laws of nature are built on this balance and we are apart of that nature whether we like it or not.

Success, is ultimate balance in all things.


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