Action Luminescent

Action Luminescent - Photo by CMDR Shane
Photo by CMDR Shane

Passion is action luminescent.

The more emotion we involve in what we do, we tend to shine just as equally. Think of a time when you did a task simply because it was required of you or because someone had asked you to. It wasn’t fun. Or interesting. It was just something that needed to be done. Those are actions without light.

Think of people who love what they do, regardless of what it costs them. How they do it. They way they move when they do what they do. And what their demeanour is in the midst of it all. They sometimes come off as if they are glowing. Nothing can shut that down for them. When those people truly love what they do, even the challenges are welcome and they shine so much the brighter for it.

Now imagine when you’ve done something you truly love to do. Yes, this can include being a couch potato doing absolutely nothing and stuffing diabetes right into the face hole. It is something many of us love. But seriously, think of those times. How did you feel? Could nothing destroy your happiness at that moment? Did you feel like if you ever wanted to, you could basically do anything?

The power that comes from doing something you love, or better yet a true calling can only be realised by finding something that truly energises you. I can almost guarantee, that when you find that something, the whole couch potato face stuffing idea will go right out the window. Because you’ll feel too alive to sit still. You will need to get up and move. It becomes the new requirement. Your body won’t allow for anything else. You will become happier, more relaxed and begin to move with purpose like never before. And before you know it, your actions, your passions become luminescent leaving a trail that leaves everyone wondering, “How are they capable of something like this?”.

Talented people rarely are talented at what they do to begin with. They become talented through dedication to their craft because they enjoyed it so much, it caused them to eventually shine in their actions. Some are definitely naturally talented, but does that mean they loved what they do? Not always. Each persons passions are different to them. Even if the passions are the same, the reasons and or actions behind them are different. You will very rarely come across someone with the same passion for the same reasons in an exact match. And that is what causes the luminescent nature of our passions to emit a lit so unique that it tells the story of our time here.

Luminescent actions containa a kind of toxicity that is very difficult to understand unless you’ve experienced it. We have all been around someone that has annoyed the crap out of us simply because they were so good at something that we hated them for it. But that hatred is a very fine line between the love for someone else being so good at something, that it takes over us and we want to be just as good at something. We want to be just as excited about something and to pour our entire lives into it. Because we want that happiness. We want that serenity that comes with being absolutely okay with where you are, and what you have that you require nothing else. Except to continue working on the things that we live for.

So the next time you are around someone being so good at something that it annoys the shit out of you, think about it for a little while. Am I annoyed because they are showing off? Or are they just doing what they love, or have found a way to enjoy something so mundane that it makes them happy and or passionate to do it. And we are upset because we don’t have that? The experiences we go through in life become the lens with which we see the rest of the world. So if you’re unhappy with yourself through an experience, you will gain unhappiness with someone else’s contentment. If we are okay with who and what we are, we will see the true nature of someone’s passion and attempt to mimic that. Or better yet, make it our own.

Move through life and leave a trail of light that makes others want to have their own.

The universe will be better for it.

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