Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

Guitar - Photo by Jeremy Allouche
Photo by Jeremy Allouche

We’ve all seen those movies, where the main character being portrayed as the super bad ass walks stoically doing whatever it is they need to do, looking completely uninterested. Everything they do seems to be in slow motion, which is probably due to actually being in slow motion because it is a movie.

In every movie it seems to be a similar scene, different setting, different actors, but there is one thing that never changes. The music that goes with it. The riff that catches the mood perfectly and tells you the story about the personality of that character straight away. Regardless of what happens after that, including if the character fails miserably during their mission, you know they will pull a rubber ducky and rise to the occasion, because the badassery has been set.

The tune is sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Could be rock, but it also could be a bass filled beat. Whatever the genre, it always fits. Did you know its possible to have this for yourself? A theme song that has the potential to set the mood for the entire day.

Much like the movies where the song sets the story of the character, you can set one for yourself. It’s almost equivalent to the power pose idea. Where your confidence is boosted by the way you choose to present yourself. In the same way, you can set the theme for your entire day and afterwards there is nothing that can touch you, because you will too rise to the occasion no matter the event.

My personal soundtrack can set me up for good, especially first thing in the morning, during getting dressed and or during walking out the door. It starts slow with a guitar riff that immediately catches your attention and lets you know that this story is about to get interesting. Slight blues influence will have that effect. Towards the end of the song it almost feels as though you’re 3/4 of the way through the movie where the badassery gains momentum and you’re just getting ready to unleash.

One thing to note is that there are some wicked covers done for this song and they are pretty decent. It’s a song that is easy to get into which then suggests easy to spin your own version with if you are so inclined. Something The After Effect Band did fairly well. And without further ado, enjoy.

Official Video

Song Cover by The After Effect


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