Atmospheric Entry

Life is like atmospheric entry.

There is a projected path. All events have led to this moment where life is on an intercept course with the planets atmosphere and unless an event knocks it off course, there is no turning back. As life approaches it begins to get warmer. The pressure build up at the front is beginning to get stronger. Suddenly life went from hurtling through void to hitting the atmosphere of the planet and the force is massive. It causes an explosive light show that streaks the sky.

If life was small and weaker then the pressure build up, it disintegrates barely leaving a trace on the surface. If life was stronger, it would turn into a massive fireball of density and impact the ground, changing the shape of its new surroundings for a long while to come. Sometimes the angle of attack always plays a part, where if the object in entry’s angle is too steep, it also risks burning brightly, where as if the angle is too shallow and it is moving too fast, it can also bounce of the atmosphere.

We’ve all set a course in life. We’ve all had that course get real, real fast. It got warm. Then suddenly exploded, and either it went out like a bang, or went up with a bang. The only difference in terms of humanity is that as long as you take care of yourself, you get as many atmospheric entries as you like. This in turn comes from not giving up.

When life gives you an atmospheric entry that causes your plans to disintegrate, it just means you have to readjust your course and angle of attack and try again.

In life, nothing happens when your plan of attack fails. You don’t lose fuel, you don’t lose your vehicle, the world continues to spin on and your heart continues to beat on. When you understand that life goes through multiple atmospheric entries during its existence and you still have the means to continue doing so until you have a successful entry into the atmosphere of this planet called success, then almost anything is possible.

The fear of burning up or bouncing off is real. The real trick is getting back up and doing it again and again. Putting life through the brightest atmospheric entry you can manage and still keeping everything from burning up? That is about the best entrance you can ever have.

Set your course. Feel the warmth of your efforts begin to burn bright. Explode with a show worth seeing. Leave all around you with a longing to leave their own mark where they land.




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