Become the Hero

Lego Superman - Photo by Esteban Lopez
Photo by Esteban Lopez

I do not have a hero. Because gratefully and blessedly, I have never needed one. I have had the opportunity to have a decent life. Most of everything I needed was provided for me. And while I have a long way to go due to some other kinds of unfortunate circumstances, I’m still glad to say that I have never been so helpless that I needed someone to save me.

Heroes exist for the purposes for saving those cannot save themselves. Whether these were due to choices those people made that led them to low places, or due to unfortunate circumstances that led to their near demise, heroes are the ones who showed up for them.

Heroes don’t exist as a balancing act for the world. And that is what makes them great. Heroes are members of humanity that chose to be there for those that would need them. They chose to give their time and energy for the purposes of lifting up others. Doctors, paramedics, teachers, etc. And for anyone who says doctors are there for the money? I assure you there are far better ways to make more money without losing your hair from pure stress and the insane student loans associated with that. Police officers, members of the military, volunteers who help with search and rescue efforts and the search and rescue teams themselves. We are surrounded by heroes and sometimes we forget that.

Sometimes we also tend to forget that they are just people as well. That they don’t have super strength or speed or have the ability to fly. They only have a choice and that is what makes them super in my opinion.

For those that have needed heroes, are those people considered less then everyone else? Absolutely not. Not even close. They just had bad series of events that led up to their current need for outside help. Or they were the victims of others’ greed. Or perhaps it was carelessness entirely. Who knows. Who are we to judge. Maybe our need for a hero is on its way and we don’t even know.

If ever, anyone does something for you and requires nothing in return, especially if they didn’t have to? Show them as much respect as you possibly can. Please. I beg of you. Those are the kinds of hearts it takes to choose to take care of others rather than to walk away. Those are the kinds of minds that think of others before themselves and choose to be better. Those are the kinds of members of humanity, that we should all strive to be more like.

If we should have one goal that we should achieve before we die in our life time, it is not to witness a real life hero within our world, but to become a hero for someone else’s world.

Choose to be something more to someone else. Something more then even we might have deserved.

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