Brilliant Is As Brilliant Gets

Close Up Nature - Brilliant is as Brilliant Gets
Photo by CMDR Shane

The word brilliant becomes overused in the world of today and it has lost its intensity. I suppose in order for normal language not to get boring, we have to find ways to use certain words in new ways. But this word stands out to me as there are so many words that is usable in its stead, such as clever, or awesome, or perhaps even something like smart. But very few things are truly brilliant.

Nature on the other hand, is at the top of the list, a list that is very short in terms of how to describe something. You see nature, has had billions of years to advance and learn and become better. It has found the most efficient of ways to be lazy, so as to not expend as much energy when doing a specific task. It has found the perfect equilibrium with its surroundings and has zero emotion and or desire to destroy. Nature understands that whatever happens, needs to happen and that it is what it is.

Nature is perfect. Forget what you know about humanity and its apparent understandings. It is perfect. Yes, storms kill and displace people throughout the world and natural disasters cause havoc. But that is a reaction to its surroundings and that happens to include us. Global warming is causing most of the catastrophic weather around the world and it pays no heed to what we want. It doesn’t even get to pay any heed to what it would want if it had the ability to want. No. Nature does what is required of it. Nothing less. Nothing more.

The most brilliant thing about nature is its ability to adapt. There is nothing else that can adapt as well. Consequently this is the true talent, wisdom and brilliance of nature. Nature has come to understand time and that is its weapon. The ever patient, living, breathing, communicating growing thing that never stops.

According to historians and archaeologists, the planet has been through roughly 6 extinction level events. Yet the world has gotten to where it is today. The atoms that make up the iris of your eyes currently reading this, could once been a part of the wings of a pterodactyl once upon a time. Nature cannot be destroyed.

It just becomes something else. And that is it’s nature.

If nature is the highest form of brilliance there is, then brilliant truly is as brilliant gets.

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