Carve Into The Soul

Wood Carving - Carve Into the Soul
Photo by Angelina Litvin

Each experience, each moment, each event in your life, shapes and moulds who and what you become. When you have a ‘hear and now’ moment, where all things around you seem sharp and detailed, and you’re able to keep track of all those details including what you feel, hear and smell, it is at that moment that you realise you are still not complete.

Realising that due to time that you will never be complete, is the best way to also realise that you can forge all moments surrounding yourself to become exactly what you want to become. Let not time shape you, instead let your understanding carve your soul into exactly what you need.

Shaping your body is one thing. Moulding your mind is yet another. Carving your soul? That, is more permanent then anything you can achieve in your life time. You not only act towards it, feel towards, but you become it. Everything you do embraces it. The best way to tell the kind of person one may be, is to check their reaction of something sudden. What was their first thought? What was their first feeling? Is it what that person wanted to be? Or something out of their control?

Carve the soul so that nothing can take away from it. Only add to it. While the very definition of carving suggests to remove material to create space so as to create shape, it does not mean the material moved cannot be reused. That it cannot be created into something the space can use. The soul is the very same.

All souls are born as a spherical collection of energy and raw data from events experienced. When your awareness reaches a certain point, it is then you begin to carve. When that experience becomes knowledge. Forge the sphere into the tip of the spear and fly true towards where ever your heart may throw it. Mould the sphere into a bowl that collects sadness and creates hope. Refine the sphere into the hammer that will shape all other lives around it for the better, for as those souls learn they will carve their own existence.

My soul is being carved into an arrowhead. And it’s target is the future.

What shape will your soul take?

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