Category 5 Productivity

Tornado - Category 5 Productivity
Photo by Nikolas Noonan

Life is taking an interesting turn. After tapping into the 3 most important things to me and how they allow me purpose, they are beginning to circle. They are picking up speed. This is where I should have been 10 years ago. Then again, would I have appreciate it back then?

All the things I’ve ever wanted is beginning to come together. And they are beginning to funnel into consecutive adventures about to explode inward. My photography is getting better. I’ve tapped into digital art and design, finally. And this blog has to be the most consistent thing I’ve done in my entire life, aside from shovelling way too much food into an already garbage filled orifice and shooting polygonal aliens on a monitor.

This funnel is beginning to form stronger and stronger and I feel touchdown will be soon. Then comes the interesting flight of items that never should take flight, only to end up somewhere else. Some higher, some deeper into the abyss.

This storm is stuck just at the center of my chest where I can feel it ready to move every time I breathe. And the funny thing is, I’ve been waiting for this my entire life. This category 5 shit storm of productivity that is going to be every idea and image I’ve ever had and seen, will slowly come to life while raging forward through time at indecent speeds.

Each day I’m doing more. Each day I want to get double that done. I promised myself that I would take it easy and take it slow and do it right. That I wouldn’t do it like everything else and burn myself out. The problem is, I don’t know if I can control that if I’m having this much fun doing it. There is no controlling this.

This will be the first, but it certainly will not be the last. This will happen in stages as things begin to progress more and more. They will become more frequent and the only thing I’m going to have to worry about in the future once I’ve learned enough to move that fast, is balance between work and play. Oh. Wait. If they are the same thing, what happens then?

I just have to let the storm hit and see where I end up.


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