Conflux Legacy

Money. Power. Titles. Deeds to materialistic ego boosters. None of these are worthy of inheritance when thinking in line of a better future. All items mentioned are things that will not last. They are but glimpse of our selfish need to keep what is ours within the bloodline. While things of the sort, mostly material, are nice to have, they should not, nor cannot be the end game.

What is then worthy of leaving behind for the future generation? What is a worthy item of inheritance? Is it knowledge? Is it secrets? Or is it something more intangible yet has the ability to have profound ripples through lives we will potentially never meet?

For one thing, I believe it is a mistake to think that inheritance in regards to a better future only has to do with one person. Or that is has anything to do with your own bloodline. That a inheritance should only go to a select few based on irrelevant reasons of likability.

I see humanity in its current form as rivers. We are all a seperate river. As children we are streams. The past is always a stream. The current is always a river. (Pun most definitely intended after editing.) The future however? Is a conflux of humanity’s stream of a greater whole. In order for that future to arrive, and to be better, all rivers must converge.

The concept I’m speaking of is odd, as when the future arrives, and becomes current again, we are rivers once again, looking for the convergence of the brighter future we seek.

Having said this, the best inheritance we can leave behind, is a legacy of conflux foundations in order to allow the future generations to be able to build upon all that we have done. When inheritance is all material or only belonging to one, it does nothing to make the future better. It does nothing to allow future building. Instead, it only allows for stagnation. All material items can be earned, and therefore have lessons of their own that we would end up robbing all heirs of humanity.

The future belongs to everyone. It will be inherited by everyone that is to come. It can only be better, when we are all as one. All inheritance that has the potential not just to make one life more enjoyable, but all lives better, is one worth leaving behind for the future generation.

Whether that be by teaching all to be decent, passing on respect regardless of the past, taking care of the planet, it does not matter. As long as it benefits all who breath. Everything else will fall into place.

Converge, until the better future becomes an ocean of a legacy worth receiving.



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