Empathic Existence

There are very, very few animals that have the ability to relate. It requires a more powerful consciousness to be able to do that. One of them are K9s. Another, is human beings. There are probably many others, but these two species are quite well known for being able to relate in a sixth sense sort of way.

We have the gift of being able to recall emotion of something we felt when it happen to us, so as to be able to understand the emotions of another when they go through either the same thing or something similar. This gift is so important because we have the ability to lift others up when things get rough. And that only in turn lifts us all up as one.

No single human being could get as far as they’ve had without someone else in life. All things in life is attributed to ripples in actions from others, whether it was to be taught something, or shown something and how it works, or for that matter, to be shown how not to do something.

We stand on the shoulders of giants with all that we have to do and achieve with in our lives. And we owe it all to those that came before us to do something good with our lives at present. This one good thing can be that skill of relating to one another, because in turn we will help to raise ourselves above anything we could ever imagine possible.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll notice a theme that has long been building up. The future, belongs to us, and we need to step into that, together. For it is the only way we can do so. Relating is simple, and sometimes, doesn’t even require effort. It just requires our presence, because we’ve all been through those times where no one could ever say anything to make it better. But we all have had that one person at least who has been with us when we needed it most, if only to prevent loneliness to be just another thing to deal with.

I once saw a TV show about helping veterans who had post traumatic stress. They were taken to a facility out in the woods, where they were paired with either wolves or another variant. But the pairing wasn’t ordered. No, the wolves were allowed to chose their veterans, based on the pain those animals were able to perceive of the veteran that went through it. Most of those wolves were rescues and so they were able to feel the pain of the veterans via their senses. These veterans and wolves were helped and taken care of by each other, through their ability to relate.

I also believe that both sympathy and empathy can be involved with relating. One person in pain will understand another persons pain and therefore be able to relate. But someone who has never felt that kind of pain, can understand by seeing a person in pain and understanding that they don’t ever want to be in that kind of pain. They may not know what to do, but they can surely understand. Our faces have way too many ways of expressing an emotion alone for someone else not to be able to empathise another’s emotion.

And this is how it will be, always. Just because two people go through the same pain, doesn’t mean it is the same. For each person has their own experiences and their own versions of what happen. And each of them will still feel slightly alone in their emotion, whether it is pain or not. People can feel lonely in happiness as well.

But our ability to relate? Or ability to understand? Our perceptions of the world around us and therefore how we help those who need it, or help one celebrate something good?

That, can change everything.



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