Explore – A Hardwired Protocol

Exploration Dreamer Tools - Explore - A Hardwired Protocol
Photo by Simon Migaj

Humanity is hardwired to explore. There is nothing else that we are so damn hardwired to do but to look at the things that are unknown and want to know more about it. A subject we don’t know much about? Look it up. Somewhere interesting that we’ve never been but suddenly have the ability to go? Gone.

Most people don’t realize that the reason they become so complacent and miserable is that they’ve lost their thirst for discovery. They don’t understand that discovery is the reason for living, as opposed to just being alive. They move through the world doing the things they have to do each day to survive. Not giving a moments thought that while currency keeps you alive these days with the purchase of housing and food, what about the soul?

Why do we as a species continually keep attempting to quench the physical thirsts that come about, and completely ignore the thirst of the soul? Have we forgotten what it means to live? Did we somehow miss the fact that quenching the soul will take care of the physical thirst? That the physical thirst might not be as big once the spirit of adventure reaches satisfaction?

I don’t care who you are. You could be the most reclusive person on the Earth or the most mundane and quiet stay at home type. You want adventure. There is on way to avoid this. The idea of adventure might cause us anxiety to some and that is when things get complicated because you tend to believe you’re not going to enjoy anything at all. There is no stopping the soul from wanting to explore. To discover. To find.

This doesn’t mean hopping on a plane and on to another country. However, if you have the ability to do so and you haven’t done it yet? Stop reading this, book that flight, and move! But if you’ve been stuck at home, go for a walk and create yourself a little adventure. Go to another city. A park. A walking trail. Outdoors. Public Botanical Gardens. There is no shortage of adventure. Because adventure doesn’t mean long-distance travel. It just means not staying still enough to make the soul restless.

One last thing. The ability to explore doesn’t only account for physical movement through a place unknown. It can also account for books. Exploring a new world since some may not have the ability to physically do so, a new world in a video game or the new ability to communicate through a language you’ve never spoken. Wanting to see what happens next at a show or a new movie. Browsing through endless social media posts wanting to know what others have discovered, whether it is the words that accidentally formed in the cereal bowl to what they had for dinner to the amazing sunsets that some got to witness.

Explore. The soul requires it.

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