Extravagant Dreamer

Dreamer Jacket - Extravagant Dreamer
Photo by rob walsh

Dreaming doesn’t cost you anything except for time. And each day we seem to find the time to do all sorts of things that aren’t productive towards whatever our goals may be. So as long as that is true, dreaming is perfectly okay. If anything, it is recommended.

If you have set goals to begin with, then you have dreams. You have things to see and people to do. Places to visit and items from your bucket list to cross off. Any of these things come from a dream. Whether it is a day dream, or a life long dream.

Dreamers make the world go round. They dare to see things in the most non-traditional of ways. They dare to speak out in action against the norm and make statements. Dreamers, are the reason we continue moving forward rather then stagnating into the past disguised as keeping things as they were in an attempt to preserve simplicity. Nothing about life is simple.

Everything about life is dream worthy. Because of dreams, you are capable of everything and anything you want. Never listen to a realist for they have given up. A realist will tell you that being practical prevents disappointment. But they fail to realise that dreams can be executed practically as well. Practicality is not a replacement for dreams, but rather another method of getting there. This is just called being smart.

Intelligence is not how smart a person just ends up being to begin with, but how well they allow themselves to learn and accepting the fact that they don’t know everything. This allows them the advantage of not being naive and falling harder then they should. And we all know that we will fall. Combine this with passion. You have a recipe that is not only practical, but made for dreamers.

So, be extravagant in your dreams. Why should you settle for less? Why should you settle for anything short of what you want to be or do? The return on investment from dreaming is huge as it sets you up to be on fire to do something epic, to be something epic. But only if you put in as much as you want to get out of it. There is no reason for settling, period.

Spare no expense within the bounds of your mind to make yourself however you see fit. That is what you will become.

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