Failure to Conjure

Magic and Conjuring - Failure to Conjure
Photo by Artem Maltsev

How can something that is not tangible have so much weight? Where all the strength required comes from the mind? And as far as I’m aware a mind has limitless potential of strength. And yet the world the mind gets submerged into becomes too much to handle.

What can cause a mind to forget how strong it is? Is it one event with sheer complexity? Or is it the number of events that tend to overwhelm the mind? Is the environment responsible for the dominant shock attack? Allowing a mind to suddenly become gripped with fear due to the events unfolding and it wanting to surrender?

How can something so powerful fail to conjure the strength and logic to out-think any situation? Is it conditioning? Is it the lack of the fuel we know as confidence? Do we become numb to the idea that there is no point in even trying? Because nothing we do is going to have enough behind it to make a difference?

A mind that knows its strength can take criticism and turn it into productivity to become better. Yet the strength forgotten can destroy that very mind.

Worse. A mind that remembers how powerful it is and is still weakened by the idea of how much strength it does not possess. A mind that focuses only on what it can’t do.

We believe magic to be unreal and yet I’ve seen minds conjure strength from the void where there was nothing but despair and self pity. A pool of darkness bathed in lightless sorrow and I’ve seen those very minds build character out of nothingness.

And yet the mind that witnessed such an event still believes there is nothing left to do.

A mind forgotten that has been reminded, has a new goal. A mind remembered, has the goal to become even better. But a mind seen and still unwilling to accept? Where do you go from there? What do you do with that?

Go to sleep. Wake up. Roll forward. Build momentum.

The walls. Break them down.

Rebuild into the future you want to be in.

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