Fragments of Existence

Space - Photo by Jeremy Thomas
Photo by Jeremy Thomas

Snippets of life seeming brighter then others, our memories as fragmented as the emotions we’ve engaged in, draws a path into the unknown. Every decision, every action, every event transpiring to bring us to exactly where we are, right now, reading this.

From waking, to dreaming, to walking, to working. From breathing to consuming, living to dying. We are here, now. We are in sync exactly as we were meant to be. Imagine how many others could be reading this right now, and you are on the same mental plane as them.

Draw your breath. Create the positive and exhale the negative. You are, what you are and nothing will take that from you. Life, the one we barely live, is ours to command. This, our snippet of existence is nothing but a reminder that we could easily not be.

Take hold. Appreciate and enjoy this moment. Right here, right now. There is nothing else.

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