Heart of Fire

Mission Journal - Photo by David Iskander
Photo by David Iskander

“You know you’ve found your calling when you can no longer tell the difference between work and play.”

– Unknown (To Me)

We all have things that we wanted to be. We all have things that we wished we were. So why aren’t we? What got in the way? Was it life? Survivability? Being realistic?

No. Those are excuses. Nothing got in the way. We just didn’t want it bad enough. We just didn’t make time for it, and excused it as time being taken away from us to do what we loved.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I am now 30. Or at least the New Year of 2018 will make it so. And only 3.5 months ago, I finally decided that I am going to do what I’ve always wanted, rather then live averagely being never happy at all the things I never got to do.

I’ve always known my calling. I just made excuses about it. Or rather, my culture taught me to grow up making excuses for all the things I never did. And I wholeheartedly fell into that. Here I am after having wasted so much time not creating, doing exactly that.

How do you know what your calling is?

Well, you’re doing what you’re doing. You love it. You couldn’t imagine not doing it. And on some level, there is a slight guilt about it. Am I really working? Or am I just fooling around and getting paid for it? It feels too easy. Because you’re doing this thing you thoroughly enjoy, and it makes you money, whilst you look around at everyone slaving away for a pay check just gripping at the prospect of a Friday coming closer and closer.

You feel like you’ve cheated a bit. You feel as though you don’t deserve it, yet you’re doing something passionately, and also if you’re doing it right, you’re making a living out of it.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

– Simon Sinek

It’s not always going to be easy getting to that stage though. You don’t just discover it accidentally. You make it happen. You think about things logically and figure out how something you love can make a living for you.

That is a true calling in my opinion. That when you can take something that would otherwise be considered a hobby, and making it a living for you to survive on and live out life whilst doing that thing you love? That is a calling.

A Calling Doesn’t Have to be a One Man Band

Of course a lot of the things I’ve said so far pertains quite a bit towards being a creative. But this also applies to construction workers, cops, doctors, textile workers. There can be many different roles that each person can find that makes them amazingly happy, whether it is the work itself, or being a part of something bigger then themselves that they enjoy. All aspects of all things, that have the ability to fulfil a person emotionally whilst providing a living?

That to me is a calling. And make no mistake, I will reiterate this once more. It doesn’t just happen. There is always a small bubble that gets burst, and people will get the bug for whatever task or hobby they end up falling into. But over time, as they become better at those things and become more and more prolific, what you realise is that it is not just a task to be completed. This isn’t something done just to make that person happy.

This kind of passion allows you to finally see the human being with a heart of fire. One that will never burn out for the things they love to do and nothing can take that away from them.

That, is a calling.


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