Hive Mind

Hive Building - Hive Mind
Photo by Paul Fiedler

Humanity’s trademark to man, is in its conversion to a hive mind.

The ability to have seperate consciousness’ and yet to be able to think as one.

The rate at which we are becoming interconnected is insane. We are able to think and then get reflected upon immediately. If an idea takes on so much momentum that it becomes viral? That is the equivalent to one of us taking on a spark of an idea and begin to day dream. Whilst driving. On autopilot. Only to come back to reality and try and figure out how you didn’t hit anything for the 10kms you just travelled and unable to remember it. (No, I don’t own a Tesla, yet.)

Regardless of whether it is hate, or love, our ability to come together and think as one either against or for each other is astonishing. Technology is most definitely responsible for this. Twitter is the perfect example. Spawn a small idea, and either it is a passing thought or a “AHA!” moment. It will touch minds and hearts, or it will wither into the seems of reality. Except Twitter has photographic memory of every thought.

Side Note

I also feel like someone got the instructions given wrongly to them when building Twitter.

Boss: “I want humanity to become a Hive Mind!”.
Builder: “…I can’t…did you say hate mind? Sure thing boss! *that’s kinda weird*”.
Boss + Everyone Else Listening: “No no that’s not wh-…aw crap”.

Moving On

A day may come when computers have become so advanced via artificial intelligence that our consciousness might be able to to be transferred and stored inside a computer, thus giving us the ability to live forever and still be able to think for ourselves as we do. We will become a program. Sure there are potential negatives, such as if we become programs then don’t we then become governed by an operating system? Sure. An operating system built and governed by an artificial intelligence.

Have you thought ahead as to where this is headed?

Every human consciousness becoming digitised to exist in a singular place, where we think for ourselves, but to any outside observer we might think as one. We might be digital synapses in an artificial brain.

The things we say and do might be no more then Tweets within a Twitter like operating system.

Humanity’s trademark might just very well be that it is destined to become more and more like the things that it creates.


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