It’s What You Do That Defines You

Batman - Photo by Serge Kutuzov
Photo by Serge Kutuzov

You’ll notice that a lot of the quotes I tend to pick up over time are from movies. I can’t help it. After not having access to a lot of pop culture items when I was younger you can imagine how fast I got into and ran with them when I had gotten older.

Batman Begins is a movie that will always get a hold of me. The story and the way it was shown resonated with the way I saw the world at the time it came out. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll notice the dark ambient colour of world and it’s events, which appealed to me.

As cliché as it might seem to like this quote, I do love it. I think it is a decent representation of a version of an identity any human being could have, simply due to the fact that it makes you work for it.

“It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.”

Anyone can have an identity via a name, style or looks, but having an identity based on action is something that will be remembered. Every one of you reading this post will know who Genghis Khan is, or the 300 Spartans and of course my favourite of them all, Achilles. Each one of those mentioned didn’t just have a name, but earned for the right of the name to be recognised by what they had achieved, regardless of good or bad.

The will to act is powerful. You eventually have to let go of all fears which is by far not an easy task to complete. There is often a powerful reason behind it too, sometimes selfish and sometimes for the good of everyone around.

Most of you reading this will have something that you’ve always wanted to do. It can be solely for yourself or it could be for the good of your family, country or mankind itself. Many of you have come up with ideas to help poverty, homelessness, famine, becoming eco-friendly and finding a way to move into the future in a sustainable way. Perhaps you want to change the life of one person, or help change the way an entire group of people can in turn help others.

Whatever it is, do something worth remembering. Leave behind an identity that defines your legacy, someone worth wanting to be like.

Identity can be a powerful inspiration if it is based on the will to act.

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