Rail Lines - Photo by Atharva Tulsi
Photo by Atharva Tulsi

We are being watched. They cannot interfere. They cannot change anything. They can only watch.

If you knew they were watching, how differently would you do anything and everything? How much would you at least try to make an effort? What if you were watching yourself? Would you try to be better?

You are being watched. By yourself. You are being watched through the memories of your own actions by your future self.

Does knowing this change anything for you? Does it make you wonder if you’d like what you saw? Would you scream and yell as if you were watching some kind of sports event as if the players would be able to hear you through whatever medium you were viewing the event through?

Monday morning quarterbacking your own life is just about as bad as Monday morning quarterbacking. It has already happened. You cannot interfere, you cannot change it. This is about as good as an example you will ever get, of how linear time is, and how it only moves forward. There is no backward. There is only viewing what has happened. There is no changing it. There is no interfering. Only learning, and what comes next.

Now that you have been reminded that life is basically a one-way flow of all things, does it change the way you look at everything? Does it change the way you will act towards everything and execute tasks? How about your perspective of things you had already made up your mind about?

When you walk into a building that has security cameras, do you not act differently? Do you not do things only in a way that if anyone were to review that footage, they would not see anything that you wouldn’t want them to? Is your life not of the same concept that when you decide to peer through the window of recollection to see exactly where you are now, that you would want to see something worth seeing?

There is a theory regarding creative limitation, and how it can lead to being limitless by first introducing rules that force you to think outside the box. The concept of time and life being one-way is the creative limitation humanity requires to live in such a way that the life lived would be worth the retrospection.

Embrace the one-way street. Do all things and in all things act in a manner worth revisiting for the rest of your life.

Become limitless in a linear lifetime.


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