Living Rightly

Compass - Living Rightly
Photo by Jamie Street

There is no such thing as right or wrong. There is only being. Existing. Being aware of the existence and then nothingness. Everything, will continue to be, or not be, as it always has since our concept of time even began.

If the universe were to exist via what is right and what is wrong, then humanity would have been snuffed out long ago, due to our nature of being all consuming and virus like. We would no longer be because in comparison to the rest of nature, we would be wrong. Nature would be right.

Nature however is always right, not because it is better then us, but because it understands balance. It always has, and that is what has allowed it to be for so long. The concept of right and wrong is a grouping mechanism created by humanity to be selfish, to want more, to have more. There is nothing wrong with this, but it important to understand exactly what that means in a universe of balance.

If we believe in our concepts of morality, then by that, we defy the universe by living. And continuing to strive as a race. As matter. As anything at all, becoming something more in a universe that can wipe us out in a instant. And it very well might if we continue to consume without balance.

The concept of right and wrong is ours. We created it. We wanted to not be killed, and not have things stolen from us. We wanted the idea of having a currency that we can use to get more things we wanted, or just basically didn’t even need but was nice to have. We did this in order to create a group of like minded people who decided these are the things we like, and these are the things we don’t. We did that.

What we like and what we don’t is then converted to what is wrong, and what is right. The universe however doesn’t care. The universe just is. Do you really think the universe cared about all the life in a solar system that could have been, and had the potential to be, before it’s star went super nova and destroyed everything in its path? No, it was just something that needed to happen. And for the sake of balance as nature intended, it did.

I realised that I didn’t like where my thoughts went. That the idea of a universe uncaring was scary. It doesn’t care about our potential as a race. It only cares about maintaining balance as it is the only way to continue to exist. And that scared the fuck out of me. To come to the conclusion that we are nothing. Nor does our potential save us.

Based on what we’ve created to survive together as a species in order to also be able to enjoy the lives we live, can we not do the right thing? We created that concept, and yet so many of us believe that we are exceptions to the rule? That we should not be punished for the same set of rules we created to govern the group?

Why do we insist on being so shit to one another? Why do we ignore the things we know we could change, if not for the world, then for the world of one person? Everything is about us and what we can do. Everything is about only what we can gain.

“It is not living that matters, but living rightly” – Socrates

We did that. We created the idea of living rightly, a compass to guide us into the future of continuing to be with and rely on each other to gain more for ourselves. Because of the things we liked, and the things we didn’t like. This was our map to follow.

And so few of us ever do.

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