Meandering Through Mystery

What would they look like? Would they have faces? Genders? Brain matter inside what we would consider bones and a heart in the head? Would they speak or just transfer understanding directly into our minds? Would they walk or perhaps be made of a substance that can control it’s own mass along with gravity in each direction and just glide through the air?

One of the biggest mysteries to life is if we as the human race, are truly alone or not in this universe. We have telescopes that have enabled us to be able to see in each direction further then we ever have before and allow us to create a visual map of what is around us. And we are literally a spec of dust within a spec of dust. Our solar system alone is near enough to a grain of sand in comparison to the Milk Way Galaxy.

How in the world could we ever be alone? There are many theories as to how life began. But the universe is just way too big for it to have happened only on this one blue ball of awesome. Each day we get closer to becoming a space faring civilisation and I for one am jealous of the next generation that will get to be a part of that exploration.

The Mass Effect series of games wet my appetite for space colonisation more then anything else in the world. Science fiction has always been a huge influence for humanities advancement towards the future and I believe that the game series did a good job for showing potential ways we could come into contact with a new set of mysteries that only make the future brighter.

There are so many different mysteries that are available on Earth to hunt down and find the origin stories for, but the universe and what’s in it takes the cake. It is our future. It is our destiny to discover. We are way to curious of a race to not take part in the greatest adventure known to human kind.

Food for thought – have you ever noticed how in every future civilisation type story where they find evidence of an extremely advanced race that no longer existed, always disappeared right during the time they had gained knowledge the most? Does this mean that when there are no more or very few mysteries left that our race just dwindles? That life without mystery is not worth being existent for any longer?

And if any of the obscenely random ramblings above were to be even remotely true, does this mean the internet will end up being our downfall?

Fear not, science fiction will save us.



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