Music: The Sound of Emotion

The Role Music Plays

Music - Photo by Mohammad Metri
Photo by Mohammad Metri

The universe vibrates. Everything has its own frequency. So why not emotion?

Humanity has gathered together since the beginning of time to rhythms they create in order to move a certain way together. It was the only way to physically communicate what they felt. To release. To express.

Music is the sound of emotion. Everything has music incorporated into it. And it doesn’t always have to be our traditional understanding of music. It doesn’t always have to be on Spotify. It doesn’t always have to have a popular celebrity attached to it.

Birds in the trees. The cacophony of bubbles popping on the beach as a wave crashes down causing us to feel a tingling sensation run down our spine. The whistle of every branch in the forest when the breeze flows past. This can all be considered music.

For me personally? Music is a way to focus. Sometimes on what I need to feel. Other times on the things that I don’t, which in turn gives me focus. But since I’ve grown up with movies all around me as a kid, believing that everything I saw in the movies was real because no one bothered to explain to me that it wasn’t real? Well, my life has it’s own soundtrack.

I have a type of song for everything that I do. I have a song that plays in my head every time I focus on a task, or read a book or even talk with a friend. There is always a score to each day. Whether I create that music with beat-boxing myself, or open up YouTube and find something that suits, I have music for all things. It only makes sense since I see my own life as a cinematic unfolding of discovery and insanity. And it makes sense to have a score to go with it.

For those kinds of people that say that don’t like music, haven’t discovered what they like yet. And believe me I have come across people who claim they don’t listen to music. Perhaps even they don’t understand that the traditional sounds of rhythm doesn’t have to be the music they love. Some of those who don’t like the traditional sounds, much prefer to listen to podcasts. Why would someone else speaking not be just as preferable to listen to? Does a voice have to have harmony in it in order for it to be considered music?

Everything vibrates. Even ideas. So it only makes sense that certain music can fit what the mind is thinking at that exact moment. But man what a feeling it is, when they both sync and vibrate as one. The colours become brighter. Sounds are sharper. Friends become family and food is gold.

So sound off to the wavelength that is us, experiencing this reality everyday.

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