Nothing Is True. Everything Is Permitted

Change - Photo by Ross Findon
Photo by Ross Findon

If you’re a gamer you’ve heard the title as a quote before. If you’re not a gamer, there is a high chance that you’ve understood the expression regardless. It is from the universe of Assassins Creed, and while in that universe it pertains to Assassins and the things they believed they were allowed to do in order to complete their missions, this statement or phrase applies to everyday life of the real world.

We are dubious by nature. Trust is fickle, because majority will trust when they’ve been given no reason to doubt. Until it’s broken, in which case it can never be repaired as the question of a second mistake and or sometimes intentional break of that trust, persists. This is true for everyone. We’ve all asked questions. There is no one who has ever not questioned something before. They may not have said it out loud, but the thought remains and it always will. And that is okay.

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

This refers to our inability to trust something 100%, and you can never be 100% sure. You can be fairly certain. You can even be sure beyond a reasonable doubt. That sentiment only exists in order to allow us to move forward, as if we were looking for 100% certainty before doing anything, nothing would be done.

Assuming that nothing is true, is not as hard as it sounds. It only becomes difficult when you look at it in literal terms, becoming non-trusting about everything. But instead see it as a way of letting go of the control you only think you have, as that is an illusion in any case. Assume that nothing will go to plan, as it always is the way in everything in life.

This in turn allows you to take on a more play-by-ear approach to dealing with situations and or events, as you then become better and better at solving problems on the fly, rather then waiting for something to happen, and finding a specific solution. Instead, create general solutions in your mind during downtimes about best ways to solve problems you’ve come across, and when the time comes you’ve created a template to follow. Yes, you’re right, it is a more generalised version of learning from experience, but instead of specifically applying it only to that event that cause you to learn, applying it’s overall meaning to other potentially similar situations. In some occasions, it can even be turned into analogies for completely unrelated events, giving them a connection.

If your common sense has taken the day off, then this should be a reminder, that everything is most certainly not permitted. Sure, anyone can do whatever they want. They are free to do so. No one belongs to anyone or anything and anyone can choose to do everything, as they would see fit to permit themselves. But beware the consequences.

You can decide you want something and without having to work for it, you can just take it. Based on the society we now live in and the rules created to govern said society, the consequences of that action will then force you to go to jail, and or sometimes worse. That would be your punishment for the rules of the society you have broken as the consequence.

If you’ve managed to see through the phrase “Nothing is True” in its true form of how nothing is certain, then you’ve already seen the true meaning of “Everything is Permitted.” You’ve already seen that once you let go of the control you’ve never had, everything that comes after is permitted, such as the sense of peace one might find, or the way one might begin to think more freely and therefore tackle problems with ease as opposed to being bogged down by verifying the truth.

This post isn’t to tell you that, you shouldn’t trust anything and therefore do whatever you want. This post is to tell you that nothing will go as planned and you will meet people that you sometimes cannot trust, and therefore should do whatever your heart wants to do within societal reason. Basically do whatever you want, just don’t get in anyone else’s way and or hurt/kill anyone. And basically, no one will and or ever can, tell you otherwise.

Everything changes. Adapting to the change allows one to go with the flow and get to where they need to, quicker. And believe it or not, adapting to the change can also allow those who want to become pathfinders, to exactly that. Those who love to stray off the beaten path have already learned to adapt, as that is the reason for them to do it so well.

Adapt. Let go of what you’ve never had, which is the control that will destroy you.

Instead, just be.

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