Nothing Worth Doing Is Easy

Andromeda Series Crew
Andromeda Series Crew

Andromeda is a TV series that ran from 2000 – 2005 and is hands down my favourite show of all time. Nothing has come close to beating it. There have been many great shows since then, some more hilarious and some with much better CGI scenes that make my life seem utterly boring because I’m constantly wishing I was born 100 years from now.

It’s a show about a Captain of a ship who becomes trapped on the event horizon of a black hole, which froze time for him and was yanked out of it 300 years later. After losing everything he had ever known including the galactic organisation that he militarily vowed to uphold and protect, had also become lost. More like destroyed from the inside out.

Despite all of that, he maintains his course and decides that he will rebuild everything and bring back the light to civilisation. At every turn, things go bad and his newly formed crew of misfits attempt to make things right. Slowly and surely he rebuilds everything and succeeds in bringing back that light.

This entire story is filled with technology, comedy, philosophy and just plain old betrayal. It’s a fairy tale of how everything turns out perfectly flawed but welcome nonetheless. And if that kind of story makes you gag a little, you’re fired.

Whats amazing about the story is the Captain’s resiliency of staying true to his course to do something right, even though the Universe itself had taken everything from him. It was about being decent, doing the right thing, protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves, building meaningful relationships, righting wrongs which sometimes happened to haunt him 300 years later and of course, having an adventure worth telling stories about.

There is a phrase he quotes every time something went bad. He repeats this as a way of not only telling his audience, but also to remind himself due to the frustrating events he encountered.

“Nothing worth doing is easy.”

– High Guard Captain Dylan Hunt, Andromeda Ascendant

The show was funny, the technology was awesome to dream about and the stories were worth watching over and over again.

But what stuck with me always was that phrase. People will tell you that growing up on television is probably a bad idea, except this TV series. If anyone had the fortune of having their life influenced by this show, then you probably hated yourself for not doing better in this world with all the odds stacked against not because you wanted to show off, but because you just wanted that better world to live in with the people you loved.

In all seriousness. Nothing worth doing is easy. Nothing worth mentioning, telling stories about, engaging all your efforts with, or being remembered for is easy. Those types of events are the ones philosophers, coffee shop strangers and billboards talk about when they say the phrase, “It’s not about the destination but the journey.”

They were mostly right. The destination is why you started, but the journey ends up becoming important because of what you achieve and what you end up learning. Of course without the destination none of that would have happened.

Be stubborn and not let life get in your way of where you want to be. Overcome all odds of things going wrong and making your life hell. Be resilient in the eyes of the universe attempting to take you down, and down you will go. Then go right back to being stubborn again and make everyone watching through the window of stories told, “How many times is this person going to just get back up and keep going?”

Nothing worth doing is easy. If you want to make and omelette, you’re going to have to destroy a couple chicken embryos.

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