Percussive Maintenance

Tools - Photo by Cesar Carlevarino Aragon
Photo by Cesar Carlevarino Aragon

Percussive maintenance exists and can be applied to daily life. Whether it is literally, or figuratively, its possible. Well, I’ve discovered it to be so in any case. It is a measure that shouldn’t be used always, as it’ll just lead to completely and utter chaos, all the time.

Imagine a snow globe. It can be shaken up, to recreate the beautiful effect of it snowing, whilst having a still scene for it all to fly through. When it has been sitting there for a while and you decide you need to excite it again, taking you on different mental journeys as you remember that feeling again. But what if you were constantly shaking it? There would be no settling, there would be no gentle fall of snow. There would only be chaos.

Life is similar. It needs to be shaken around a tad, just to excite things again and get you moving along. I’ve been in need of this. I’ve only recently begun my creative journey and already two months into it, I’m slowing down, looking for excuses as to why I shouldn’t do something.

I did a photoshoot a few days ago, where the editing and photoshopping and trying new things have taken up my time, so that was a decent excuse not to write, but I also made the mistake of using that excuse a little too much. So here I am, writing, as well as editing, splitting up my time nicely.

Writing became less inspiring for me, and I needed to shake things up. So I focused on a new creative side of what I loved doing, which was photography. I’ll post a shot here when I’ve completed them all. But I decided I needed to post again as well, so here I am. It is slowly coming back to me.

Just remember, all things will go bland, and that’s okay. Shake things up, try again. I guess the important thing here is that I didn’t give up. I just chose a new route to take and it’s working. I switched things up with photography and photoshop and once my creative side was alert once more, went back to writing.

When your life begins to stop working the way you need it to, apply percussive maintenance and increase in intensity and variation until everything comes right. Just be careful not to go at it constantly, unless you enjoy pure chaos.

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