Present Your Future Self

Formal Attire - Present Your Future Self
Photo by Alvin Mahmudov

How you present yourself is important, but that doesn’t always mean corporate suit and tie. It does however mean that you have to know where you are headed. If you haven’t figured that part out, then your presentation doesn’t matter. Because no one will care enough to see you as you want to be seen, if you don’t even know what that is.

Did I mention that not knowing where you are headed is okay? There is nothing wrong with it. Everyone is lost and or wandering in some way, or has done it in some way. And some even prefer it that way.

However once you have figured that part out? What you want to do? What you want to be? What you want to be known for or what it is that you feel should be done by you? Then, presentation is everything. Everyone tends to believe that you have to present yourself in a proper manner with nice clothes and decent demeanour just to be somebody and get somewhere. That you have to dress how society wants you to dress.


If you are in the corporate game and that is what you enjoy thoroughly and that is how you want people to see you, present yourself in a suit and tie. If you are an artist and you love expressing yourself through multiple mediums, then present yourself with the colours that speak your emotions and brighten the hell out of the place. Or be dark and moody, it does not matter. There will always be someone out there that will see that presentation as a token of what you are, and they will react with you accordingly.

Did you think that representation had only to do with clothing? If you are a musician and that is what you do for a living, then dance and sing everywhere you go. Do something that incites the passion of music. Or listen to music, or wear t-shirts that incite peoples curiosity into music. Now some people might disagree with this. And you know what? That is okay too. Just because you’re a musician, doesn’t mean you have to dress like one! But you don’t exactly want to act like a banker at the same time right? You want to do something that will involve your passion so that your passion can keep on growing. Keep on evolving.

What if music is your primary, but you also enjoy being a volunteer and putting a smile on peoples faces? Then walk around with the brightest smile you can conjure on your face! Pass that thing along and give others a reason to smile. Take the initiative to be helpful without requiring anything in return. People will see this and they will see you for what you truly are, whatever it is that may be.

You don’t have to follow what society tells you is acceptable as decent presentation. And I mean this within reason. Don’t walk around naked either. But you have to be aware that your presentation will open and close certain doors for you. Walking into a bank with rags more then likely will set a persons mind towards not wanting to deal with you. However what if you dressed your personality in the most inviting and pleasant way? What if you allowed your work to present to others who and what you are? See, dressing decently would make all that easier, but then you have to work a little harder in another direction to get the same kind of interaction with that person in the bank. You can do this either way and it won’t matter, just be prepare to deal with the reaction to the presentation accordingly.

In that previous example, I know it to be true because that is perfectly me. I wear shorts and a shirt, all the time. They are all the same colour and I have multiple pairs. I hate clothing and fashion and choosing something each day to wear, but whatever I did end up choosing, didn’t look bad either. My personality takes care of the rest. Because I actually care about people and want to be decent, so people enjoy talking to me.

How you present yourself is everything. And it will always be based on what it is that you do and or want to become. One of the most important things you can do is to present your future self. The person that you want to become. No one is what they want to be. And even when they attain that, there is always more. There is always something else.

That future self is the bar you set for yourself. You dress for the job you want, right? So dress your being for the thing you want to become.

But also, don’t dress like Batman because you want to be Batman. Because chances are you are not a bored billionaire with a technology and science division behind all your spelunking needs. And Liam Neeson will not train you.

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