Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness - Photo by Tom Parsons
Photo by Tom Parsons

We have a holiday for pretty much anything we can think of these days. But only if it is popular. I mean, people have to know about it, don’t they. They have to be willing to give it enough attention or be an important or significant enough event or person to warrant a holiday of their very own.

Some holidays are contained with a city and only for that city. Some for each country and or sections within that country. And others that are celebrated around the world depending on which countries show interest in it or not.

Some have even said that most holidays now are just another reason for creating sales where people can go out and spend more money, so as to give people another reason to continuously be circulating their currency. I wouldn’t be surprised. Christmas even has its own anti-christmas holiday on December 23rd known as Festivus, which attempts to go against the heavy commercialization of Christmas itself. While it is just a parody holiday made popular by the TV series Seinfeld, it just goes to show that there is something for everyone if it garners enough interest!

However I would want to celebrate a completely different kind of holiday. One where you weren’t allowed to spend money on the holiday itself, otherwise you wouldn’t be celebrating it, but actively rebelling against the very idea of the holiday.

Instead, the idea would be to act. You see, I think there is something to be said about strangers who show a random act of kindness to others, with absolutely zero prompting and or reason. They just chose to do something nice, which in return ends up being amazing to those on the receiving end. This kind of act is pure of spirit in my eyes, due to that very stranger expecting absolutely zero return on that act. Normally, the act itself just seems to occur without anyone even noticing until it has happened, and then the stranger is gone sometimes never to be seen again.

These kinds of acts that can induce a smile, spread love in ways we couldn’t even imagine if we tried and potentially even save a life, go unnoticed by the world, because they tend to happen and then just become lost in time. The only person who continually feels the value of having that act of random kindness done to them, is the receiver. And they roam around the world attempting to pass that on to the best of their ability, whether they realize it or not. Let’s face it. Having something amazing done to or for us feels good.

These kinds of acts should be celebrated. And they should be celebrated in the best way ever, where just for one day, we would forget about the world and its hunger for consumerism and the daily grind of life, so that people can go out, just as they do during Christmas, but instead of spending money on themselves and others because they feel they have to for the sake of tradition, people would be willing to go out to one stranger and do something lovely for them. Just something out of pure joy and zero expectation, knowing that they are making another persons day.

The new tradition would be simple. Have as much of a good time as you can. Do not spend money on anything! The idea is to act. Spending money or even giving it entirely is easy. Giving your time is much more appreciated, especially since it will remove the superficial acts of kindness, and actually induce an interaction between two human beings who don’t have to wonder if someone else is there just because they want to show they were there, but rather be true to each other. Spending money sometimes will be inevitable, and is okay as long as what you spend money on, will still involve an act later on that will garner interaction with another stranger. And the other rule as it were, would be that there cannot be any exchange of personal details, including names.

It would be an act of random kindness. Attaching a face to the act would make it so that only that person could be on the returning end. This creates the notion of ‘someone to be paid back’. The idea is that if there is no person to attach the act to, then you just feel better as a whole for a complete stranger doing something amazing. And therefore the feeling of love tends to stay with you for longer, and people would be more willing to do that for each other every chance they got. And if everyone were to do it as much as they could, then the world would be better for it, allowing humanity to move into the future, together, as a whole.

Here is something to try; next time you get a chance, do something small but expected for someone. It will be the most amazing thing for them. And then, as fast as you can, disappear. Do not give them a chance to remember your face, and do not give them your name. Be faceless and allow them to believe that good people do exist in a selfish world who want nothing in return, and that there will always be hope.

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