Rupture In Reality

Our fabric of reality is at war with its own existence. It fights just to be something in this universe. And just when it is about to fully become, another battle breaks out. This war is never ending and until existence itself dies out, there will never not be nothing. For in order to be, there has to be nothing.

In order for matter to exist as matter, there has to be the concept of void, otherwise what is one without the other? Light to darkness? Warmth to cold? Right to wrong? Is there such a place that can simultaneously allow for two things to be present and or therefore not be present at once?

Our view on what is and what is not, is torn. It is torn between what we can perceive to be or not. It is torn because as far as we are concerned, it is impossible for any one thing to be, without the lack of it being another, that makes it so. But only within the bounds of our own perception. If light does not have darkness to allow it to shine, is it light any longer?

And what if all darkness were to be removed? Would it just become something else entirely? No. There is nothing else. There is just what it is, and what it is not. At any given point if all darkness were to be removed, there would just be another rupture that would bring darkness back, for as long as there is light, darkness must exist and vice versa.

Balance must be in all things, otherwise it is neither here nor there.

Food For Thought

What if things only exist because we perceive them. Regardless of the senses we use to perceive them. Can you imagine that? That when you turn around, the world behind you doesn’t exist? But only when we turn back around does it exist again? But here is the kicker, the world is no longer the same one we were looking at. It has been changed, by time and movement and voices. We perceive the world to be behind us still, but only the senses that allowed us to perceive it, but no longer as we were seeing it with our own eyes.

What if the act of thinking makes everything real for each and everyone one of us, and when we go to sleep our minds turn off and goes back into its little corner of void where nothing is happening. Everything ceasing to exist, and during its rearranging of information from all things experienced, static bursts of information leaps out as repeats of past events. Collisions between multiple past events, swarming together, generating dreams.

What if the parallel universe theory holds true, but only through the pipelines of our own consciousness, and when that is disrupted or turned off, that universe no longer exists?

We think. Therefore we are.



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