Sapphire Gravity Shift – Part II

Ice Landscape - Photo by Chris Marquardt
Photo by Chris Marquardt

Never did I imagine that this is how I get to the moon. But here I am.

How wrong I am to think that the flat region of the mountain we left behind is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The landscape of the Moon is surreal in comparison. Everything is brighter in colour and atmosphere. Not only that but it is heavier in contrast as well. The ground and rocks were darker and more like black glass. The larger boulders just like the flat region is also scattered everywhere but the shapes are more straight edged and angled shapes, instead of round or random.

The new lake I’m looking at makes the flat region lake look positively like a pond. Whats amazing about this larger body of crystal clear water is that due to its massive surface area, the fact that it was as still as a mirror made it even more striking, still giving off that tinge of blue.

The surrounding area is also not as steep as the mountain we’ve just jumped from. There are multiple hills forming waves of land causing it to be a feature in itself stretching as far as we can see. Everyone is slowly spreading out in excitement of exploring the surrounding area of our landing site but also being careful not to stray too far from each other.

It is still dawn. Or dusk.

It suddenly hits me that it’s getting colder then the perfect atmosphere we’ve left behind. I’m finding myself hoping that we are going to come back around in 24 hours time and that is going to be our only chance to jump back home. The lighting hadn’t changed much but as we got further away from Earth it had somewhat become dim. It should be said that this did not take away from the breathtaking landscape that is set before us.

While it is perfectly still and there is no wind whatsoever, it still somehow made sense to huddle up together near a large rock formation that seemed to feel like a corner. Even with no fire going since there was nothing to burn, everyone seemed to feel just a little warmer.

Reality ripples again, once.

The Earth began approaching. Since it is getting closer its about the hardest thing to miss. I notice it before everyone else who basically has just nodded off one by one. I rally them all up, making sure they are ready.

We form another staggered line, tracing ourselves toward the highest point on a hill we could find. We wait again for the perfect moment to launch ourselves back to the planet we came from.

Breath held, another push off the ground as if pushing against the wall of a swimming pool underwater rendered us space-borne one by one. As my feet leave the ground I notice the tension of hope leave my body as the same amount of effort applied in getting here is allowing us to get back.

The sight was once again as magnificent as ever, approaching the summit from which we jumped. Closer and closer we get, everyone is almost within reaching distance of each other and no one was in danger of being left behind. Since this was our way back home, instead of leading the charge I am the last to leave, feeling responsible for my group even though I can only identify 1 out of 14 of them.

There is something about the mountain range and the lake of the flat region approaching directly above me, as if I am an upside down drone flying towards the ground. The Moon is still equalising the gravity shift we’re all feeling for the second time allowing us the softest of landings. I notice everyone has made it and its my turn.

Three, the perfect atmosphere temperature returns. Two, the sapphire colour scheme takes hold again. One, my feet hit the ground softly but firmly only causing me to bend my knees slightly and my eyes open for the first time during this entire event.

I’m awake.

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