Silent Bliss

I believe large bodies of water have energy in them. An energy that can be felt when you quiet the mind. I mean, anything that can use time to cut rock has an energy to it. But the larger the body, the more it can be felt. The more vivid the colour, even more so.

I’ve never been able to quite explain how or why, just that I know it is there. The unseen figure in the dark. The hand on the shoulder amidst complete solitude. The warmth crawling up the spine when knowledge presents itself at the opportune moment.

However there is one thing that I’ve noticed that a large body of water is capable of doing. The more still it is, the more power its energy emanates. I know this seems contrary considering how much kinetic energy a large wave could generate. But I’m not talking about physical energy, as much as that large body of water could eventuate into a physical nature. I’m speaking of emotional and mental energy.

I’m speaking of the calm before the storm, without the storm every arriving. I’m speaking of complete and utter bliss. If you ever get a chance to visit a location that has a large body of water that has the potential to stand so still, you’re looking at a large mirror in the ground? Take it. With everything you can possibly muster, take that opportunity and not let it go to waste.

Sit, quieten the mind and see if what I feel is true. Hear the silent nature of the world speaking to you through that mirror and its surroundings. It is an amazing thing to know that a silent scene can speak volumes and fill the soul with hundreds of perfect coffee shop conversations.

Trees on a small hill flank the center on each side. Covered in snow. The weather calm and perfectly still. It is overcast, but the brightest overcast you can imagine. No sun, but all white. In the valley between the two hills of trees, sits a large mirror, reflecting the soul of the white sky. Perfectly still. There is no breeze, there are no birds, there is nothing but silence. A silence that speaks. In between this all, there is me, sitting on a bench built 3 or so decades ago, slowly beginning to give into the battles of nature around it but still standing strong.

I sit at peace on the this pew of strength in the church of nature. The gospel reading for the day? No words. Only thunderous exposition the eyes can’t deny. And the warmth of silence the ears won’t hear.

This is my bliss.




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