Simmer Until Soul Becomes Hollow

Simmering Fish - Photo by John Salzarulo
Photo by John Salzarulo

Halloween as just ended. New diabetics have most probably just been created. Here in New Zealand the weather is slowly getting warmer and the days are getting longer. Auckland weather is still all four seasons in a day somehow. People are going about their day as per normal, only now with a slight rush as traffic begins to build up due to the extra early gift grabbers.

It all starts on November 1st. While most believe that it’s the hectic nature of the lead up to the Guy Fawkes celebrations with fireworks and way too much poison, it is something more sinister then that.

In stories, movies and conspiracy theories you’ve all probably come across something similar to the nature of controlling the population with some form of device or another. You’ve heard of systems shooting signals into the sky in an attempt to change the weather. You’ve all heard the stories behind the chemical trails left at extremely high altitudes causing those streaks in the sky we loved to look up and see as a kid, injecting something or other into our atmosphere. There are even devices thought up to send out a frequency of sound that has the potential to influence how people feel and or think.

Now that last example is interesting because its the closest match for this more evil event that begins to unfold come November. There are a few different things to begin in November, which includes the aforementioned Guy Fawkes, Movember, a month long competition to raise awareness for mens health and last but not least, this form of audible emission that could potentially be seen as psychological warfare in the eyes of some, or it should be said, in the ears of some.

There are more then a few groups of people around the planet that are affected by this occurrence. But there is one group of people on Earth that are affect by it more then most, the employees in retail.

At first, as in from the very first time it takes place for an employee, its pleasant. It has an almost instant effect, influencing the walk of a person from a normal step to a spring loaded shallow forward kick. There is a smile on their face as if they have never known emptiness. Everyone is in need of helping and that person is the only saint left in existence.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Like the sweet scent of the Venus Fly Trap, it draws you in. The entire trap relies on the person being drawn so far in, so that when the fall comes it is never seen nor heard.

Overall, the effects are horrible, because they become deeply rooted and takes nearly a decade of no longer having to do anything with retail including shopping to get over its effects. What makes the results so much more horrifying is the fact that there are no external symptoms. There is only the thorough erosion of the soul.

This torture ritual begins in November but only ends on the last day of January. This is the longest known torture based ritual known to man. The entire event could be summed up in one simple word. Simmer. This is due to the fact that there is no end game. There is no bright ball of a fiery explosion that comes free with a termination of employment or an upgrade to potential solitary confinement in either a psychiatric or corrections facility.

There is no reaching the boiling point. There is only the moment before. And that is where the retail employee sits for 3 months without any time for recovery. The soul at this point is hollow. It doesn’t even disappear entirely. Although it is definitely dead, it’s just salt on the wound for the soul to be left behind as nothing but a husk, all because of this warfare of the mind.

The saddest part of all is that the retail employee isn’t aware of any of this until the frequencies all suddenly change come February 1st and they awaken from months of mental slumber.

The monsters who created this weapon must be stopped and destroyed once and for all, for they are all playing with humanity like a child with their food, bored but wanting to see what happens when it’s tipped off the edge…

The eradication of Christmas music needs to take place, immediately.

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