Simplicity As Elegance

Simple Desktop - Simplicity as Elegance
Photo by Samantha Gades

In a world of chaos, where all things are expected to thrive within intense uncertainty, keep it simple.

In the midst of insanity and commotion the sea of sound becomes a wall of noise. Write on that wall and watch the elegance begin to dance.

You will almost never find a greater joy, then doing something simple and have it stand out within the complex nature of our existence. At any given moment, there are a trillion things happening around you. Atoms are moving, groups of them are forming and changing to become the things around you, vibrating at the frequency of life.

Pick a bright colour and stand out from the rest. Shout out a single word that means something to you within the cacophony of your reality and emanate purpose. Dance where everyone walks. Sit back and enjoy the moment when all else are on their feet losing their minds.

These are some of the simple things that can make every moment of life elegant.

There is an even greater need for this simplicity if you live a hectic life where nothing seems to stop. When everything feels as if though it is moving so fast, it is going to burn up. When life seems to gain more momentum then you can spare and it begins to leave you behind.

Stop. Take part in a simple task that stands out from the rest of your day and pay attention to it.

What you take back, is the lens of elegance and nothing, can take that from you.

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