Spark Your Persona

What is the one thing we strive to become and yet when we believe we’ve achieved it we realise that it was not the case at all? That there is more to do? More to see? More to feel? More to experience?

More to become.

To enlighten yourself is to play a game of moving the bar. Each time the bar gets reset and you’ll never surpass it. No matter what you do, no matter what you try. More often then not people fall for the idea that perhaps since the bar moves and its not possible within the human mental construct to have yet fully acquired enlightenment (beat the bar), it must mean to acquire enlightenment more so then the person next to them. Since that is something that can be measured via the car they drive, or the books they read or how much more they know about a particular topic in comparison to someone who probably couldn’t give 2.43 shits.

Chaos ensues. Egos rise. Self-images are shattered, and sometimes even hope gets lost. It becomes a game of who is better and after a while it just turns into the most gruesome competition of height attained you’ve ever seen. What you don’t realise whilst looking up in false awe at these [hesitant to call them]people, that down below they are gaining their height mere centimetres at a time by stepping on other’s throats.

Some chose to ignore what they find difficult to understand. They like the simple life and just enjoy being. There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Except within the confines of simplicity there is no future. That isn’t a fact but an opinion. Probably.

The worst is the indifference of good men. If you’ve seen the movie Boondock Saints then you’ve probably just smiled at your computer/mobile phone just now. This movie states that there is good and there is evil, and there is a 3rd genre worst then evil itself. Therefore it must be true. Movies are law for which daydreamers live by.

What could be worse then being enlightened and doing nothing with it?

The trick to becoming enlightened isn’t in beating the bar. But by accepting that you will never learn everything. Learning to learn that everything isn’t yours to learn is probably the best thing you can learn. It removes the pressure. It removes the need to compete. It removes the need to cut others down.

Accept who and what you are and the limits that come with that. Then begin to work within those limits as best and efficiently as possible and you will find that there are no limits. Only strategic motions of a curious mind accepting the things it learns, as it learns more and more.

To enlighten, whether yourself or another, is to step into the future.




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