Spawn From the Void

Black Sand - Photo by Adrien Olichon
Photo by Adrien Olichon

Reach out and pluck from the empty space. Take hold of the darkness that is blackness and spawn from it the colour of life, the burning lights. Burn as bright as possible to show others a path unseen, for one day it will cease to emit the illumination of wonder. And for this reason alone, the shortness of it all, the temporary nature of energy vibrating into nothing, is the reason everything will be seen as magnificent.

When two lights overlap, it doesn’t destroy or cancel each other but becomes even more. Each light can be a fuel for another, feel lighter and become a fighter to become not nothing. For that is the true colour of black, being nothing. Burn brightly, together.

Spawn from the void, nothing. The means to create everything. Be the darkness become light.

Shine vibrant. This is the reminder of black.


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