Start Somewhere

Begin - Photo by Danielle MacInnes
Photo by Danielle MacInnes

A theory is proof that humanity cannot truly ever start from scratch. If we could, we would create universes out of nothing, birthing matter at will. But theories? Is but a question. A starting point. Something to work with in order to gain a better understanding, or creating something new, or to prove something old.

“We all began as something else.”

– Purifier, Chronicles of Riddick

Yes, another movie quote that seems to work with real life, considering people from real life created said movie, it isn’t hard to grasp that somethings even made up can actually have decent meaning behind it.

In this case, it is perfect for highlighting the fact that we are always striving to become something else, something better. And that we had to start somewhere. We had to work with something, in order to create something else.

A musician might play with sounds in order to create a tune as a test, then begin composing something more complex. A artist might begin with sketches before committing to a scene they finalise. A physicist might begin with a question which would then become a theory and thus, begin to prove its existence or lack thereof.

When writing, authors might throw words onto a screen or paper, until it became phrases, until that became sentences, and that became chapters, books, stories and finally legends.

When doing a task we all absolute hate such as dishes, we start with one and only one dish. Whether it is rinsing and inserting into a dishwasher or just beginning to wash by hand, we start with one, and then another, and another. Before long, we are done.

Everything we think we want to do is only in theory, until put into action, even the smallest of actions.

Start somewhere.

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