The Courage to Fall

Freefalling - The Courage to Fall
Photo by Joseph Gruenthal

Have the courage to fall. Not only to fall, but to fall in love with what you do. Doing something for the sake of doing it will always end up in disappointment and you will regret the time wasted.

Instead, discover passion, and it will turn into something bigger then your own life. It will become something you never expected. We roam through life not really thinking about things properly. Life is what we make of it, yet we are constantly unwilling to take the leap.

Taking the leap can become something more important then anything you currently have right now. It will define you and reshape you as a whole. Without the courage to fall knowing that you can get back up and do it again? You have nothing.

Of course the concept being spoken of here is purpose. Everyone has one. Whether they have discovered it or not. That purpose is what drives us to get up in the morning. To look our best. To be our best. And nothing stands in the way of that. It is the reason we smile and laugh. And in everything we do, we do for what we believe in. We do for that fire in our hearts.

Some not only have a fear of falling within the attempt of something, but they have the fear of falling in love with what they do. “No this will just bring me disappointment”, they said. “No this will only become a hobby and I will never make something of this”, they said.

They have no idea that the passion behind what they do will allow them to think differently. It will allow them to feel differently. And it will allow them to act accordingly. They will find that purpose and execute whatever task it is they believe to be necessary, in order to achieve it.

But without the courage to fall? And to take that leap of faith in self? There is nothing.

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